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Creative Habits is a studio whose primary goal is to create. Creation is our passion. Through many different media, we explore ideas to express our imagination. We love what we do and love to share what we do.

Creative Habits offers clothing with imaginative and unique graphics for people who don't mind going against the grain. This is a time of individuality, where uniqueness is important. Our products reflect this dynamic expression. We create artworks that are original, young, hip and modern. Our works include funky animals and characters with so much personality, robots, toys, nature-inspired designs, abstractions, transportations, skulls, collage art. We have several lines with various themes.

Our company also creates designs for mobile device accessories. Full line coming soon.

Each one of our original artwork is hand-drawn and then processed for printing. All of our artworks have been copyrighted through the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington DC.

Currently, our website is being redesigned to show the new products.









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